The amazing speaker lineup and it’s not revealed in full
Loading Game Development & Animation 2019 speakers strong lineup in 3 tracks starting to load… Loading Conference wants to become a synonym for outstanding, best in its class speaker and teacher lineups, gathering some of the finest worldwide game industry creators, developers and animators, including not just (both) industry legends but also indie developer superstars as well as AAA studio heads, leads and brilliant animation genius.

Amela Dedić


3D animator with experience in both feature and game animation. Started at Prime Time studio where she worked on “Birds like us” feature movie. Now, a proud member of NSoft’s Unity Team which develops virtual betting games. This bundle of joy also includes: Coffee addict & Chain smoker, Geek par excellence, Metalhead, And much, much more!

Amar Zubčević

AI Interactive / co-founder

Game developer and designer who has been working on games for the past 20 years. He took part in the game accelerator “Stugan” in 2017 where he was chosen among 500 applicants to work on his game in the Swedish woods. He is the co-founder of AI Interactive and their latest game “The Enchanted World” has won multiple awards among them the “International Mobile Game Award” for “Best Upcoming Game 2018”.

Damir Halilović

Prime Time

Damir is the lead engineer at Prime Time Ltd. working on an unannounced action RPG game. He mostly works with Unreal Engine 4 where he specializes on high-level gameplay programming and system design. Over the years he has worked on several different aspects of game development, including gameplay programming, gameplay design, shaders, level design etc.

Leo Tot


Leo has over eight years of professional experience in the Game Industry, working on everything from event organization to co-founding his own Indie studio. He is a founder and producer of "Game Dev and Design Community Osijek", a platform under his personal brand CrucialUpdat3, with the primary purpose to raise awareness, educate and promote game development and game industry topics in general to students, enthusiasts and those who are willing to learn. As one of the members of the organization team within the Reboot, globally recognizable Game Industry brand, handles organization and coordination of Indie Game dev related content and events at Reboot InfoGamer (Game Industry Consumer Show) and Reboot Develop (High-end Game Industry B2B Conference).

Nejira Kadrić

Prime Time

Nejira Kadrić is a 3D animator at Prime Time in Sarajevo. She was born in Gračanica, where she spent her formative years. In 2018 she completed her bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature, but decided to take her next step into a different direction. An early interest in cartoons and animation led her to explore character design and storytelling on her own, and later on cartooning and filmography. During her years as a student she also experimented with photography, which gave her an opportunity to be a part of a photography exhibition held in Hamburg in 2018. Upon finishing her studies she got the chance to take part in a training program at Prime Time, which included 3D animation, concept development, storyboarding, and the general process of game development. Considers herself 1 part animator, 1 part photographer, 2 parts geek, and 3 parts linguist. Too many parts? Maybe it's ambition, maybe she's just bad at math. Come find out!

Admir lizZard Salkanovich

Professional gamer

Admir "lizZard" Salkanovich, a professional DotA 2 player hails from a small country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Played in tier 1 tournaments such as JDL MLG, STARLADDER, ESPORTAL, BTS and so on. Back in the day, lizZard attended a decent number of WC3 RTS events out of which the most notable are: ESWC, ENC and European Championships where he represented Bosnia. His love for micro rich RTS games transitioned into micro intense Dota heroes.

Myra Appannah


Myra is co-director of London-based playful media company BRiGHTBLACK, creating story-led experiences for transmedia, video game and immersive technologies. She was As BRiGHTBLACK, Myra co-curates the British Council’s PlayUK Festivals of post-escapist gaming / playful media and video game art across Europe and created the Immersive StoryLab, a professional development course and community dedicated to researching the future of story design for VR and other immersive technologies. BRiGHTBLACK’s most recent work, ‘A Unique and Spectacular Moment’, is an experience that begins in virtual space as a video game and ends as a powerful real-world interaction between two strangers. The show premiered at Brisbane Powerhouse August 2019.

Semir Vesković

IT Academy

In 2008 he enters The Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, and in 2010 starts working part-time as an art restorer for Restauro d.o.o. In 2012 he was employed full time on the restoration and reconstruction of the destroyed Sarajevo city hall which is considered the most important restoration project in the region. There he worked until it was finished and reopened in May 2014. In September 2014 he starts working as a freelance Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and a Concept Artist, until august 2016 when he took a position as the lead Graphic Designer in IDS-Consulting where he worked until august 2018. In September 2018 he was offered a position as a teacher at the IT-Academy in Sarajevo where he still teaches Drawing and Design Theory. Besides the already stated, in 2017 he started working as a Concept Artist for Star Anvil Studios, on the Saints and Synners tabletop, an official Savage Worlds role-playing game setting. And the Chronicles of Argyr, a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons supplement setting.

Ajla Sukrija

3D Animator

Raised among common folk of Visoko, she received excellent education and got masters degree in Computer science. While wandering on map she found quest for 3D Animation, upon finishing quest she received a title 3D animator. She used obtained skill sets in programming and 3D arts for creating VR app, for which she represented her home instance in CESCG 2019. Earlier work in gaming includes implementation of game Checkers for bots with different algorithms. As adventurer she is always looking for new quests to master, and having goal to map completion of 100%.

Minja Mirvić

Jurist, game designer, video game enthusiast.

After two decades of playing every video game he could get his hands on, he felt it was time to use all of that knowledge wisely to start creating video games. Luckily for him, his friend Nedzad Sahovic had the exact same idea at the exact same time. They created and released two video games together, soviet tennis and the riddle. Currently they're working on their 3rd and largest video game as of now - Hades' Apprentice a Super Mario meets Ori platformer set in the world of ancient greek mythology.

Nedžad Šahović

JaK Studio

Nedžad Šahović is working in the field of architecture as a creative director for London based company JaK Studio. His expertise is wide-ranging, but mainly in 3d visualization and animation, in which he has 15 years of experience. After the announcement of Unreal engine 4, he and his friend Minja Mirvić decided to try their luck in the game development world, which led to their first published video game for android: Soviet Tennis. Their current project is Hades' Apprentice, a 3d side scroller platform video game set in Ancient Greece, based on Greek mythology.

Abid Bećirević

Prime Time

Started his journey as a self-taught environment artist at the age of 15 because of the huge love of games, and at the age of 17 started working as a freelancer, as well as singing his first full time contract at the age of 19. Now at 20 Abid is still freelancing for multiple companies from all around the world as an environment/prop artist while working in Prime time studios as a 3d artist.

Midhat Fetahagić

Prime Time

Midhat Ervin Fetahagić studied Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo with no apparent success, and the Highschool of Applied Arts before that with slightly more success. He spends his time drawing, ilustrating and the like since his feet were tiny, and now that his feet are huge he's still at it. He's implemented several creative childrens workshops in collaboration with the EU Info Center and others during his studies, and as far as recent developments go, he joined the association IRE where he continues to work on workshops related to video games. Today he works in the Prime Time company as a 3D animator, where he also learned how to animate, and where he continualy comforts himself that today he'll be a bit less rusty than yesterday.

Zahid Lagumdžić


A workaholic pun master, pixel connoisseur and story game lover. Worked as a 2D & 3D designer and illustrator for the last 4 years. Directed and worked on several short films, animations & music videos. Currently working on a small indie title, by the name of Slime School. Fell in love with games ever since playing a bootleg version of Super Mario, at the age of 3. Decided to make games for the sweet employee discount.

Emir Cogo

ETF Sarajevo

Teaching assistant at the University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Informatics. Worked as a solo game and asset store content developer under the name Cogobyte since 2011. Released two smaller free games using Unity: Clonetrix and Swift Bowmaster. Creator of Unity asset store package Procedural Indicators. Currently working on a Ph.D. in the area of procedural content generation on a project for complete scene procedural completion of existing partial scenes.

Edin Kulovic

Ministry of Programming

Gamer, Game developer, and developer by nature. He worked from developing game engines, mobile games, desktop applications, web applications, and services for more than 12 years. He believes in strong teamwork, and that technology is just a tool to achieve greatness. He also believes that knowledge sharing is one of the best ways for improvements. In Ministry of Programming, he is working as a Developer, Technical Lead, and Architect on FinTech and TechStars startup projects from Health Care, Gaming, Trading to 3D Asset Integration Management tools.

Denis Silajdžić

Prime Time

He is lead QA and a Game Designer at Prime Time in Sarajevo. An avid gamer, with many years of practice, felt quite at home in the strange world of Video Game production. A will to play every worthy game out there, and to break a couple of those in the process helped him find his way to the industry. With the knowledge acquired through QA, he decided to test his skills and has recently become a Game Designer on the same game he broke countless times before. Listen about testing, creating and finding the right way of becoming the least favorite person to enter a room.

Ademir Fazlagić

Prime Time

A guy who uses math and physics to create art, well not always. Growing up he loved anything that was new, that didn't remind him of the old fashion, one of the things that stuck out is graffiti. The joy of making trouble was bigger than any fear of getting caught, over the years he realized that it's not troublemaking that was his motivation but the art. After a miserable attempt to study physics this fella changes to IT where he is still pursuing his degree. There he meets this other fella who introduces Ademir to the world of game dev. The two fellas started hanging out and studying together, slowly this got Ademir more and more into game dev world and later both fellas started working at Sarajevo based studio, Prime Time Productions. There, it was decided that Ademir's graffiti background combined with some programming knowledge would make him a good fit for a VFX artist/programmer and (hopefully) a tech artist so far no apparent luck.

Azer Bašić

Strayless Productions, 19 years old.

Azer is an indie game developer. He is a student at International Burch University. He works with Unreal Engine 4, Blender and PhotoShop. He has over 5 years of experience in game development. He won 1st prize in school competition with a video game for the education of kids. Currently, he is working on mobile games and one will be announced soon.

Arnel Šarić


He started his gaming career back in 1989 before Steam and DRM protection, playing Sokoban, F1 Grand Prix and later Prince of Persia. One of the most stubborn journalists who's been discussing video games for the last 16 years. Huge fan of Doom 2, Build Engine and still baffled by the fact no one remembers Nightmare Creatures today. He also managed to design unimportant 2D video games and write a 250-page long script for yet unreleased gaming projects. This autobiography has been written by him. Seems amazing how I can address myself in third person, right? If you're also amazed by this, come check out what I can do with my mouth. No. No that.

Emina Šahbegović

Prime Time

She went to the International Burch University for a profession in programming yet somewhere on the way found that you she makes a living on passion and thus ended up as a 3D animator at PrimeTime. Constantly learning new things and meeting all kinds of interesting people. She will be looking forward to sharing her experiences with you all.

Nedim Halilović


He is a programmer/game developer with more than 4 years of experience. During his time with Prime Time Studios, he worked on titles such as Ragtag Adventurers, Castle Kong and Wa: The First Dream. The work included both core system development and content development. He continues to work as a game developer as a freelancer.

Slaven Ahmetović


A self-taught game developer started making The Astounding Pretender, a 2D superhero action stealth platformer in September of 2016, without any skills and knowledge on how to make a game. In 2018 signed his first partnership with the CEO of Ministry of Programming Faris Začina. Currently in contact with multiple publishers and in the process of co-founding a company. He wanted to be an entrepreneur and since he grew up with video games, he thought it would be smart to make his first project in this industry. The little free time that he has, he spends doing MMA, lifting weights, walking Kiara (stinky little French bulldog) and anything to satisfy his inner geek (ironically, no time for video games). If you want to know more about how to get into this business without any background and experience, come hear him share his story.

Amer Zavlan

Prime Time

He started programming in primary school, and as soon as he grasped basics, he started writing simple games such as tic tac toe. During high school, he developed a 3d Tetris-like game with his colleague using a custom primitive OpenGL engine. His experience in regular programming competitions, which involved algorithms, gave him a strong background in advanced programming techniques, which helped a lot in writing optimized code for games. Right now he mostly develops gameplay systems and shader programs.


Skamo Jasmin

Senior Software Engineer/ lvl431 warior / scientest

Also Coder. Also consciousness in complex biological organisms. Possibly human, in this life. Also here and now. Hacked NASA with Commodore 64. Wrote his first program when he was 5, yeah don't look him directly in the eyes. He has no respect for the status quo, no ego, and no titles, had to put some. Made a bunch of money by selling games and software to Chinese and Americans. Have multiple IPs on Steam, Apple store, Play store. Also, part of pirate crew that will find OnePiece. Also religion is like politics, its bulshit. You are The Light.

Andrej Crnic

Universe Experiencing Itself/ artist/ scientist

Also a Philosopher. Mabe poet. Are video game poetry yet? Also Computer scientist. Also Zen master. Knows blender, photoshop, vegas, illustrator, unity, unreal engine, magnifying transmitter, vortex math.... kk he knows stuff trust me, wants to build teleportation and find One Piece with his nakamas.